Chinese Take Out Jr. Bird Toy


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The Chinese Take Out Jr. Bird Toy-Happy Beaks, hours of playtime for your pet bird.

This bird toy has Cotton Rope Boing With a Bell Bird Toy Treat your Parakeet or Conure with hours of picking, shredding fun with the Chinese Takeout Jr bird toy.

Small Birds: Parrakeet, Lovebird, Lorries, Canaries, Finches, Canary Wing, Quaker, and Cockatiel.
Medium Birds: Cockatiel, Lorries, Conure, and Mini Macaw.

Large Birds: Amazon, African Gray, and Cockatoo.
Xtra Large Birds: Macaws and Large Cockatoo.

Provides hours of fun for your bird friends.

This Chinese take out box is overflowing corn husks, woven chain, for hours of bird fun Made In USA dimensions 9″ x 4″ x 4″. A&E Cage Company, LLC.


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