Prism Nano Aquarium Kit


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Prism Nano Aquarium Kit

The Prism Nano Aquarium features the Quiet-Power Integrated Filtration System with Dual Cartridges that has a sponge for mechanical filtration and Bio-Chemical Pellets for biological filtration. Bio-Chemical Pellets are a highly porous filter material allowing for the optimum colonization of beneficial bacteria helping keep your aquarium water and your fish healthy. The Quiet-Power Integrated Filtration System allows you to customize your filtration needs by adding or removing filter media as needed. The beautiful blue background adds luxury to any decor.

Aquarium Kit, fun for your family.

This aquarium features 2 gallon capacity with a quiet power integrated filtration system; a powerful 18 watt low voltage and safe LED bulb. It’s 7″ L x 9″W x 10″ H.