Single Story Hamster Cage


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The Single Story Hamster Cage makes a great home for your pet hamster or gerbil.


  • Single-Story Cage
  • Includes an exercise wheel to promote activity
  • Easily access your cage from the top-opening door
  • Cleans quickly thanks to the removable grille and pull-out tray
  • 14″ L x 11″ W x 8 3/4″ H
  • 5/16″ wire spacing

The Single Story Hamster Cage features a more natural environment for your pet.

Owner friendly features include a top-opening door, allowing you easy access into the cage, plus a removable bottom grille and pull out tray for easy cleaning.

A color matched exercise wheel is included with this small animal cage to keep your hamster or gerbil entertained while maintaining necessary activity levels. Our Single Story Hamster Cage is available in Blue, Orange, Pink or Purple.


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