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The Tinker Tunnel is a perfect addition to any bird or playful critter’s life.

Size: 12″ x 9″

Recommended for a group of love birds, Conjures, African Grey or a parrot. Perfect for q spacious or flight cage for hours of playtime. Tinker Tunnel is also great for any other playful small critter.

• Easily clips to the top of the bird cage

The Tinker Tunnel is the perfect hideout for your favorite feather friend or critter for playtime or sleeping.

It comes with wicker ball and wood toy attachments that are designed to entertain them. Squeeze some treats through the wicker ball for additional foraging fun. What can’t be seen from the photos is the wooden branch inside that will give their beaks the chewing exercise they so desire.

  • There is an opening at each end and a peek-a-boo hole in the front for birds/pets to look through so they don`t miss what`s going on while they ‘re playing or sleeping in their tunnel.
  • This tunnel is made from non-harmful materials and was tested for safety. This canvas-type material is easy-care so it is washable. This toy will last a long time as it is very durable.
  • Suitable for all kinds of pets and birds up to the size of smaller Grey Parrots. Birds that enjoy tents and other “hideaways” will love this new toy!
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