Wooden Corner Shelf


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The Wooden Corner Shelf unvarnished plywood platform gives small animals a place to sit, play, climb or rest.

  • Satisfies natural instincts to be above ground level for eating or sleeping
  • Ideal for active small animals like chinchillas and guinea pigs
  • Attaches with wing nuts and fits most cages; hardware included Corner Shelf – Large
  • Size–11″ L x 11″ W x 1 5/8″ H

The Wooden Corner Shelf is a great addition to your pet’s cage.

  • All natural, solid-wood hideout for your pet.
  • Constructed from quality timber, these fun hideaways provide pets with a natural sense of security.
  • Its unfinished for a natural look.
  • And its wooden design has no nails or staples that can harm your pet.

Large Corner Platform mounts easily to cage mesh with wing nuts (hardware is included), giving small animals a place to sit, play, climb or rest. Adding platforms to cages satisfies your pets natural instinct to be above ground level for eating, sleeping or playing.A&E Cage Company, LLC.


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